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Pan Gu

What is Qigong?

Qigong, which is a terminology of exercise to absorb the "Qi" from the Sun, the Moon, the Cosmos so as to supply the Qi requirement of a human body. Qi is a form of energy. For example, when one receives Qi, one will have one or a combination of these feelings: cold, tingling, warm and swelling.
Pan Gu Mystical Qigong also known as Heaven, Earth, Sun, and Moon Qigong, was originated by Mr. Wen Wei Ou. It was created according to the characteristics of the physiological structure of the human body, the relationship between human beings and the universe and more than twenty years of Mr.Ou"s personal experience of extremely agonizing torture. The practice of this qigong is to absorb the essence Qi of the universe and the cream of the sun and moon to improve the vitality of the human body.

Who is Mr. Ou?

He is the creator of Pan Gu Mystical Qigong. He is the President of Pan Gu Shengong International Research Institute , Council Member of International Medical Qigong Association. He had been the Director of Qigong Science Research Institute of Guangzhou University of China for many years.
Mr. Ou, Zhi Jin, also known Ou, Wen Wei is the creator of Pan Gu Mystical Qigong. He is the President of Pan Gu Shengong International Research Institute , Council Member of International Medical Qigong Association. He had been the Director of Qigong Science Research Institute of Guangzhou University of China for many years.
Mr. Ou proficiently studied the way to preserve one"s health derived from ancient chinese discipline which is based upon the features of physiological structure of the human body, and the miracle relations between man and great nature. He created Pan Gu Mystical Qigong, an exercise able to absorb the vitality of cosmos, to temper and improve the life force and immunity of human being. 8 years after his creation, Pan Gu Mystical Qigong has successively help many patients who have diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, rheumatoid, apoplexy, lupus erythematosis. Pan Gu Mystical Qigong has popularized more than 20 countries around the world with good results. This Qigong is profound in theory, simple in movement, easy to learn, short time in practicing, every effective, no side effects. Initial fruits have been reaped, while used it in drug addiction rehabilitation.

Mr. Ou has written monumental and wonderful book "The Road of Human Life" and "the New Birth of My Soul". His scientific papers "Qigong Is a Special Knowledge Possessing Material and Spiritual Characteristics" won award at the First International Somatic Science Conference and the Fourth International Qigong Academic Conference held in U.S.A. and Canada. His other papers "A Preliminary Detection about Pan Gu Shengong Qigong in Drug Exemption", "From the Relations between Power and Material to Discuss the Essential Quality and Intrinsic Features of Qigong", "The Nature and Role of Qi in Human Body" and "The Harmony between Heaven, Earth and Man", were selected in the Theses Collection of the Fourth World Conference of Medical Qigong. He was awarded Certificate of Merit for his "Earnest effort to popularize medical Qigong". Due to Mr. Ou"s outstanding achievement to society, his biography is included in the Who"s Who In The World (Chinese volume) which is a large series of historical volumes for international communication, published by the World Cultural And Arts Research Centre.

Mr. Ou advocates the principle for man"s conduct is "Kindness and benevolence as basis; Frankness and friendliness as bosom. Speak with reason. Treat with courtesy. Move with emotion. Act with results." He expects every one would be better off by master a useful method to cure disease and keep the body healthy to enjoy a happier life.

The "Harmony among the heaven, the earth and the man" is the philosophical thinking with the most practical significance in the brilliant tradition chinese civilization and culture. It talks about three objects: The Heaven, the Earth and the Man. The relationships described between the heaven and the earth, between man and man, between the heaven and the man, and among the heaven, the earth and the man or between nature and man. In today"s language, it is the relationship between man and environment. In addition, the relation between man and man also include the relations between man"s own spirit and flesh. It pointed out that the most important standard in these relations is harmony.

Harmony means being in step and harmonious.

If the heaven, the earth and the man in all the relations explained above were able to get along in step and harmonious, everything would have been able to co-exist, has steady and healthy development.

In order for the human race to survive and develop, I think we should have a extensive, complete understanding of the teaching of "Harmony among the Heaven, the Earth and the Man", which is a brilliant philosophical thinking.
How should we understand it?

I believe that we should not only understand the natures and characteristics of things of the heaven, the earth and man, but also the relations among them, and furthermore the correct handling of the connections between man and nature, which should be based on harmonious relationship. To solve the problem of harmonious relations, we must solve the problem of the harmony within man"s own spirit and flesh. For this, I have specially written this short essay:

Harmony among the Heaven, the Earth and the Man
The Heaven rests with invisible but active spirits. The Earth rests with its thick solidness. When the Heaven and the Earth are combined together, there is spirit and its carriers. Man is created and materials are made.

Man"s spirit is like the Heaven and Man"s physical body (flesh) is like the Earth. The spirit has the thinking characteristic and the body has the materialistic characteristic. When the harmony between the spirit and the body are achieved, a perfect man is made. Man can not live without materialistic characteristic or without thinking characteristic. Man is in his perfect condition only when his "Qi" and "Yi" (mind) are highly spirited and vigorous.

"Qi" is material while "Yi" is spirit. "Qi" is both material and spirit, primary is material and secondary is spirit. "Yi" is both spirit and material, primary is spirit and secondary is material. "Qi" comes with "Yi", and it generates from the heart. When a man"s "Yi" and "Qi" are combined into one, can he be a genuine man.

Cultivating Yi is to lay a firm foundation. Gathering Qi to keep the body fit. Free the mind from evil thoughts and Qi will be good. To live longer, one has to take in everything good, reinforce the root, trace back to the source to eliminate diseases so to keep fit and good health. Retribution for good or evil can surely be found in how one is tempering.

As the sun homologizes the moon, "Yin" achieves balance with "Yang", it has created a new path for all things to live, multiply and prosperity. Be kind and friendly, accumulate virtues and do good deeds, and the human race is onto its way to the bright future.

The universe never extinct, neither the materialistic elements. Why man is mortal? It is because man is unable to achieve harmony with the everlasting universe and the materialistic elements.

Harmony means combination and coexistence without any separation. Therefore, if one tempers oneself both spiritually and physically, one should be able to live forever. This is not false.

"The Heaven rests with invisible but active spirits; the earth rests with its thick solidness." These two sentesces tell mainly about their respective characteristics.

The Heaven is the the sky, the cosmos and the universe. The Earth is the land, the globe, and may be referred to in a general sense as a celestial body. The striking characteristic of the heaven is its vastness, boundlessness and all inclusiveness. It is not only contain innumerable materialistic elements, but also has an infinite reservoir of dynamic force. Therefore everything can evolve, develop or change only in their infinite time and space. The earth"s (or other heavenly bodies") coming into being has been the due result of these features of the Heaven. This has been the outcome of the immunse dynamic force of the heaven acting on the materialistic corpuscles, making them create objects in a certain shape, size and relatively stable. And the emergence of these relatively huge solid bodies (the earth and other heavenly bodies, for example) has in turn laid the solid material foundation for all things to evolute and develop in them. (The fact that living things have been evolved and changed on earth is the best proof.) Therefore the spiritual emptiness of the heaven and the thick solidness of the earth are the basis for the production of all things.

Here, I would liked to pointed out the meaning of the spirit. It is mainly the dynamic initiative beyond the materialistic characteristic.
This dynamic initiative differs from the energy possessed by the ordinary objects and matters, it has distinct rational characteristics. For example, as man"s capacity of thinking.

The universal starry sky known to man today has extremely rational characteristics. For example, the earth"s movement has a fixed orbit within the solar system. The galaxy and metagalaxy have their own fixed orbits as well. These perfect orbits have complex, proper and good order in arrangement. These rational characteristics exhibited the orderly arrangements of the galaxies are even more closely knit and more great than those of our mankind.

Looking at the matters from perspective of their nature. I believed that the rational characteristic of man comes from the rational characteristic of the heaven; the spiritual characteristic of man comes from the spiritual characteristic of the heaven. Hence, the saying goes: "Man"s spirit is just like the Heaven. Man"s body is just like the Earth."

Man"s spirit refers to man"s "Jing Sheen" in chinese, or the human soul. I do not think that the soul is empty or abstract. It has a very specific contents, which including life force (vitality) and thinking ability, both of which are beyond the materialistic dynamic capacity of the human flesh. "Jing Sheen" is in fact a pronoun for soul. When one attempted to comprehended from chinese language, "Jing" refers to man"s vigour and vitality. "Sheen" refers to man"s thinking ability, which is unrestricted and limitless.

"Man"s spirit is like the heaven". We mean that man"s soul has the empty and vast spiritual characteristic of the heaven. "Man"s body is like the earth", we mean that man"s body of flesh consists of materialistic elements as the earth does. This explains specifically an important viewpoint in traditional chinese culture. Man is a small universe. It also expounds clearly that Man is made up of spirit and flesh. Spirit is manifested as dynamic energy beyond materialistic elements, while flesh is referred to as various kinds of materialistic elements.

Now, we should have known the characteristics and the inner relations among the Heaven, the Earth and the Man. Based on my many years of repeated observations, practices, testing and verifying, I have formed such a philosophical theory: In the world as well as in the universe, the relations among anything (including that between man and man, man and materials, materials and materials) are: "Being opposing while existing, being tolerant then stable, being harmonious then resonant." This philosophical theory runs through all things and their phenomenons such as the heaven and the earth, yin and yang, Big and small, long and short, male and female, old and young, spirit and flesh, spiritual and material, etc.

Intrinsically speaking, antithesis and antagonism manifested by being "opposing while existing" is by no means the ultimate goal of things. Through tolerance and harmony can make things develop smoothly in balance and stability. This problem can be well elucidated through the relations between man and man, between man and nature, which is familiar to us.

There is always antithesis between man and man, family and family, country and country, nation and nation. If we emphasize using the antagonistic method in solving conflicts, there will be certainly more and more disputes and wars, and will do more harm to the cause of human coexistence. Therefore, more and more people in the world have put forward peaceful ways of negotiation, which conform to reason and humanity, to solve contradictions and disputes. Regarding the relations between man and nature, tolerance is also needed to maintain stability. In the world today, industry and commerce are becoming more and more developed. However, people neglects to protect natural environments, begin to pollute the water and all natural resources. This is a token of man being not tolerant of the heaven and the earth. As a result, the heaven and the earth are in turn not tolerant of man. The result is the polluted environments have counteracted upon man and brought man with many new and strange diseases. Consequently, man has to put environmental protection on the important agenda. As a matter of fact, this is a problem of achieving tolerance between man and things or man and nature.

I have put forward the viewpoint: "The sun homologizes the moon as Yin achieves balance with Yang. It has created a new path for all things to live, multiply and prosperty; be kind and friendly, accumulate virtues and do good deeds, and the human race is on its way to the bright future. The purpose of pointing out all the methods and significances of being tolerant and harmony.

To achieve tolerance and harmony between man and material, we must first or at the same time solve the health problem of man"s own harmony within his spirit and flesh (the physical body and the mind). This is a matter of primary importance to everyone.

How can man achieves true health? It requires the understanding above mentioned informations, extensive and complete understanding of man"s own characteristics and physiological composition, the relations between man and nature, to come up with a simple, plain and highly effective qigong exercise method.
Is there such a good way?

Yes, there is. Reasonably, the method derives from the relations among the Heaven, the Earth and the Man, and it embodies their characteristics. Practically, ancients chineses put forward various methods of improving man"s health by practicing breathing exercises, cultivating one"s moral character, tempering both physical and spiritual bodies, etc., to help many people keep fit and live longer. The present medical technology can help man to get rid of numerous diseases. Of course, the curing of diseases is necessary but prevention is the key to maintain good health.

How can diseases be prevented effectively?

Objectively, we should handle properly the relations between man and things. Subjectively, we should try hard to promote and strengthen the vitality and immunity of the human body. As for the former, material characteristic is primary, and spiritual characteristic is secondary; while spiritual characteristic is primary and material characteristic is secondary as to the latter.

That leads to the issue of cultivating both the spirit and the flesh. "Cultivating Yi is to lay a firm foundation. Gathering Qi is to keep the body fit. Free the mind from evil thoughts and Qi will be good. To live longer, one has to take in everything good, reinforce the root, trace back to the source to eliminate diseases so to keep fit and good health. Retribution for good or evil can surely be found in how one is tempering."

In modern medicine, the problem of the relations between mental condition and diseases has aroused man"s attention. When one is in a disturbed state of mind, tend to get irascible and depressed, one is liable to get sick. With a peaceful mind and a strong will, one is often healthier and promised to have a longer life. Therefore, in western medical science, traditional Chinese medicine, a patient"s positive psychological condition often mobilized to co-operate in the treatment.

Both a man"s state of mind and his psychological condition belong to the category of spirit. If a disease origin from this caused, treatment with medicines will hardly have effect. Hence the Chinese saying: "Mental illness can only be treated through mental therapy." In modern medical science, doctors have admitted that disease occure in the nature of immunity and physiological functions" obstruction can hardly be cured, for this is also a typical "spiritual" disease.

How can this kind of disease can be cured and prevented?

It needs a type of qigong conforming to the spiritual characteristic of the universe and man. The qigong should sticks to the principle of exercising "Yi" to lay solid body foundation and gathering "Qi" to keep the body fit. One should exercise Yi first and gather Qi second, making Yi to acquire Qi and recuperate one"s health automatically. Only by so doing, can man achieves the result of "freeing the mind from evil thoughts and perfecting qi itself, and taking in everything good to reinforce the foundation." With this type of qigong practice, it is possible to cure any kind of disease. The Pan Gu Mystical Qigong which I founded, the theories and principles are based wholly on the above mentioned characteristics. It can provide many cases where patients are recovering from different types of diseases with scientific proof result by practicing this qigong.

Pan Gu Mystical Qigong also named the Universe, the Sun and the Moon Qigong.
Its aim at absorbing vital energy from the Heaven and the Earth, and the essence from the Sun and the Moon, that is to say, one is gathering the universal or original qi. It is widely applied in curing disease. The secret and the aim at conducting oneself in Pan Gu Mystical Qigong is to take "Kindness and Benevolence as basis. Frankness and Friendliness as Bosom. Speak with Reason. Treat with Courtesy. Move with Emotion. Act with Results."

The purpose here is to give prominence to "Exercising Yi and laying a solid body foundation", to achieve harmony between spirit and flesh, harmony between man and things, one will truly become spiritually and physically healthy.

Since this Pan Gu Mystical Qigong stresses benevolence and love, its curative and social effect has three striking characteristics. First, it has special curative effect on heart disease. No patient with heart disease who learned this Pan Gu Mystical Qigong with persisted in practicing did not obtained good results, and none so far died from a heart attack. (Today, the rate of sudden death caused by heart attack is the highest.). Second, for a man with true love, confidence and perseverance, one learned this qigong can immediately emit qi to cure people of disease without being infected. Third, all the practitoners learned this qigong on their free will will developed the quality of being benevolent and friendly to others, developed the tolerant and peaceful human relationship skill, thus society will become more stable and prosperous.

The first and second characteristics show that this qigong has the benevolent spiritual effect. It is the effect of automatic recuperation, which is extraordinary. The third characteristic is that by practice this qigong, the practitioners have realized that good deeds will be rewarded and willing to get along well with people following the principles of this qigong.

The author believed that if people is willing to accept this theory and utilize this effective qigong method, people is hopeful to achieve physical, spiritual health, harmony between man and man, man and things.

Through the study of the ancient chinese philosophical thoughts, the observation of man"s physiologic characteristics and the relations between man and the universe, I have obtained the following profound understanding:

1. The universe consists of four key factors, namely time, space, materialistic element and spirit. To be exact, the universe is made up of four essential factors of time, space, materialistic elements and the dynamic energy beyond materialistic elements.
2. The four key factors are all characterized by immortalization. Modern science has also confirmed that time and space are immortal and so are the materialistic elements. Accordingly, I have put forward the theory: "The heaven is immortal and so are the materialistic elements".
3. Time, space and materialistic elements are passive. Spirit is active. The combination of the active dynamic energy with the passive materialistic elements can manifest a rich, wonderful and strange materialistic world on the boundless stage of time and space.
4. The combination of spirit with time, space and materialistic elements make it possible for a great experiment for the purpose of creating an immortal world conforming to the immortal nature. The present world, the universe and the celestial bodies are existing in such a great experiment. Therefore, mankind should realize its importance and conform to this "will of the heaven" (the original idea of the universe or the expression and demand of time, space, materials and spirit).

Based upon the above explanation, I put forward the following: "The universe will never be extinct, neither will the materialistic elements. But why is man mortal? It is because man is unable to achieve the harmony among the everlasting universe and the materialistic elements." Harmony is in fact cooperation, and coexistence. Therefore, if one tempers oneself both spiritually and physically, one should be able to live forever. This is truth.

What I mean:
Why do the human race considered the highest class of living beings? Althought it was created from the immortal materialistic universe and brought up in the environment of time and space which have the characteristics of immortal, yet this class of living being easily get sick and die? Intrinsically speaking, it is because man"s behaviors are not consistent with the immortal nature of the universe. If man understand these reasons and temper themselves hard both spiritually and physically to make themselves conform to the immortality characteristics of the universe, it is possible for man to enjoy good health, longevity and exist in the universe eternally.

As a matter of fact, the development of man"s history has proved repeatedly that the more civilized and the more harmonious coexistence between man and materialistic elements, the body condition will become healthier, happier and more meaningful in life.

Facing such facts and conclusions, why shouldn"t we hold aloft the banner of "Harmony between the Heaven, the Earth and the Man" and jointly make great contribution to the above great cause?

For all the above, I sincerely present Pan Gu Mystical Qigong to you, a type of qigong which embodies the "Harmony among the Heaven, the Earth and the Man."

Wishing everyone good health!
A harmonious and happy life!
May Man Harmony with the Heaven and the Earth!

Pan Gu Mystical Qigong have the following functions:

1. The emitted Qi can cause the x-ray film to develop. The developed film showed a very clear exposed image, which indicated high energy.

2. The emitted Qi can change the structures of Vitamin C (Vc), red plastic strip, and blue plastic strip. It caused the peak values of the ultraviolet spectrum of the above materials in their spectrogram to change or shift significantly.

3. The emitted Qi can change the concentration of Vc and red wine. The influence of the emitted Qi on pure water was significant. (See the experience report for details)

The Chinese Academy of Sciences is the authority of modern science research. The results of the experience gave eloquent proof that Qi is energy, and it can change the structure of substance. This experience also proved the theory of Mr. Ou about QiGong that QiGong is a special knowledge possessing both material and spiritual characteristics. That is the reasons why QiGong can cure sickness, prolong life, and benefit mankind.

Master Calligrapher - Ou Wen Wei          

World-renowned Qigong Master and Master Calligrapher, Ou Wen Wei, has created this exquisite artwork with love and intention, infusing its always elegant, often bold brushstrokes with the powerfully healing energy of the universe, which greatly enhances and balances the energy of any space it graces and those fortunate enough to encounter its healing vibration. The ultimate feng shui cure, this calligraphy shifts the energy in your space significantly to improve your environment and your relationship to it. To experience its beauty is indeed to elevate your health and sense of well-being. 

Master Ou has presented several hugely successful exhibits of his brilliant calligraphy, attended by thousands of devotees of this art form.

Qigong Calligraphy by Master Ou

Ou Wen Wei is a world-renowned Master of Qigong, the art of energy cultivation, and famous for creating a highly specialized and greatly effective Qigong series called Pan Gu Shengong. Master Ou is able to generated his calligraphy with the most beneficial energy of the universe, infusing the message of each calligraphy with this powerful energy. Once painted, the calligraphy continuously emits this optimal energy in support of the intention of the Chinese characters for the benefits of all in its presence. The result is a gorgeous piece of artwork that contains and sends beautiful energy. All calligraphies offered in this catalogue contain this special energy.

Heaven, Earth & Humanity in Harmony

This sentiment of this piece is the backbone of Pan Gu Shengong. It is Master Ou's mission to bring this Shengong to the world at large. He has taught it to hundreds of thousands of students in twenty countries. This Shengong has brought physical, emotional and spiritual healing to those who practice it.

We offer this calligraphy in two color options; both include a black, slightly washed frame for an old world look with a gold, beaded inner frame. The first color option includes a dark green suede outer mat with red liner. The second includes an exquisite red raw silk mat. A copper metallic background lined with a red mat highlights the English translation of both.

20"h x 33"w    $485.00
20"h x 33"w    $485.00

To Live and Work in Peace and Contentment

This framing and matting presentation has a delicate, elegant and somewhat feminine quality. The outer frame has a beautiful gold leaf pattern, burnished with bronze and sage green. The outer sage green mat makes a statement of color and gently speaks to the matching outer frame. We selected a dark brown inner mat first to relate to the strength and power of the calligraphy and second to bridge the high contrast of the black brushstrokes with the lighter and more delicate quality of the sage green mat and leaf --- patterned frame. We then added a gold filigree fillet (small frames) to line the calligraphy; this adorns the piece with a slight sparkle. The English translation sits on a mottled bronze background, framed in the same gold filigree fillet that surrounds the calligraphy. This is the perfect presentation for a healing practitioner's office or residence.

21 1/2"h x 26 1/2"w    $475.00

Glass Choices

You have two choices of glass with which to display and protect your artwork. We customarily use standard glass for each calligraphy; as an alternative to standard glass, we offer museum-quality glass for an extra charge. It is important to understand the characteristics of museum glass before choosing it for your custom calligraphy piece; when a museum glass piece is installed a room with standard glass artwork, it will stand alone and look different from the other pieces. Artwork framed with museum glass will appear as if there is no glass at all on the piece when viewed head-on. This truly shows off the highter art form of the calligraphy; however, it can be disconcerting to some who are accustomed to seeing glass on framed artwork. We have a few clients who frame all of their artwork with museum glass; this is a small minority of customers who have other pieces of fine art in their homes or offices and have chosen to present all of their artwork in this manner. Our design staff will suggest museum glass when it is desirable to have a "stand alone" piece in the room for effect and impact or when all other pieces in the room are framed with museum glass. We do not want to discourage our customers from ordering museum glass as part of your framing package; however, we want you to understand up front the effect this selection will have on your piece, because sales of all custom pieces are final an non-refundable.

Matting and Framing

We offer a framing package unique to each calligraphy series to complement your artwork. The framing packages of each of the large calligraphy series (except Heaven, Earth & Humanity in Harmony) include layers of mats, frames and fillets (smaller frames) as well as a cut-out window displaying both the Chinese pronunciation and the English translation of Chinese characters. The smaller circle calligraphies are framed and matted in a shadow box using a unique mounting application that allows the circle calligraphy and English translation to float forward. Trish Duval has designed and tended to every detail of each matting and framing package; all framing is assembled by hand with care and respect. Master Ou's biography appears on the back of each piece.

Oleg Onopchenko is the representative of master Mr. Ou in Europe (Latvia) and trains all wishing to study of Pan Gu Mystical Qigong.

Contact Us :

International Kolo Organization
135 Dzirnavu, Riga, Latvia 
e-mail: ikolo@inbox.lv
tel: +371 29590149, 29264577

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