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Tong Ren

We offer distance healing to patients who live far away or to patients with immobility. The healing is only a phone call away and has saved many patients from the emergency room or the intensive care unit.
Because there is no space barrier, distance healing can be used on patients unable to attend our clinic in person. During the healing, the qigong therapist communicates with the patient by phone, performs qigong diagnosis, locates the energetic blockages, and then opens the blockages to cure the illness.
The single greatest advantage for our distance healing is the fact that distance does not matter. We offer the healing service to patients all around the globe.
Distance healing can help patients with any illness documented on our Treatable Illnesses page.
If you are interested in receiving our distance healing, please read our Patients Must Know web page. For clinic hours and associated fees, please visit our Our Services page.

Patients with weak constitution may sometimes feel tired for a day or two after our treatment. It is caused by the treatment"s effectiveness which changes the bodies" state of non-rest to the state of rest. Once this is over, the patient will feel much better. The same situation applies to feeling inner coolness following a treatment.
Qigong healing: Please wear comfortable, loose clothing
During qigong healing, most patients will experience qi sensations such as:
- Mild soreness, numbness, distention, heaviness, pain, warmth, coolness. Sometimes this is accompanied by the sensation of slow flowing movement or electricity-like movement.
- Sleepiness, mild sweating, body shaking or lifting sensation
After healing session, please "dry wash" your hands and face to stop the qigong state. During the cold weather, please wait for five minutes before going outdoors to avoid catching cold.

Distance healing: Same as qigong healing.

Acupuncture: Please wear short or loose pants with a short sleeved t-shirt.
During acupuncture treatment, patients will sometimes experience some qi sensations such as:
- Mild soreness, numbness, distention, heaviness, pain, warmth, or coolness. Sometimes it comes with the sensation of slow flowing movement or electricity-like movement.

Qigong tuina: Please wear short or loose pants with a short sleeved t-shirt.

During qigong tuina treatment, patients will sometimes experience some qi sensations like:
- Mild soreness, numbness, distention, heaviness, pain, warmth, or coolness. Sometimes it comes with sensation of slow flowing movement or electricity-like movement.
- Mild sweating, or odor smells
After qigong tuina treatment, please take a hot shower within two to three hours. Please flush the treated areas until your skin is pink (usually takes about 20 seconds for each area). In fact, this is part of the treatment. It will expand vessels which enables a larger blood stream to flush the toxic substances just removed from the cells by the treatment. Drinking more hot water is also helpful. In case you forget to do so, you might experience some skin pain or soreness for a few days, but nothing to be worried about. If you take a shower at a later time, it is still effective, but not as much as the earlier one.

Cupping and Guasha: Please wear short or loose pants with a short sleeved t-shirt.
During these treatments, patients will feel pain to various extents.
Immediately after treatment, the skin will turn pink, red, or even purple. It will disappear in a few days.

Tai Chi Instruction: Please wear comfortable, loose clothing.
Group events: Please see the note from the particular event.

Services Description
Premier Treatment Routine
(Tuesday to Friday,
10:00 am to 7:00 pm) The Premier Treatment Routine is the best to treat chronic disorders and includes the four steps:
Qigong diagnosis 10 min. Acupuncture 15 min.
Qigong healing 7 min. Onopa Qigong Tuina 3 min.
Following the qigong diagnosis, the qigong healing reassures the flow of energy along your meridians; then acupuncture opens some certain points to further smooth the flow of your energy; finally Onopa qigong tuina is a powerful way to shake off the chemical deposit, a cause of chronic illness.

Qigong Healing / Distance Healing
(Tuesday to Friday,
10:00 am to 7:00 pm)
Profound energy healing aimed at opening congested meridians - 10 min.
Onopa qigong healing is performed without touching the patient and can be done in person or at a distance. There can be many different sensations from the healing. Patients frequently report a sensation of qi in their bodies that feel like warmth or tingling in their hands. This sensation can move up the arms and then spread throughout the entire body. Onopa"s energy can be sent to where you are instantly by his Distance Healing.

Acupuncture Treatment
(Tuesday to Friday,
10:00 am to 7:00 pm)
Enjoy the soothing energy during a relaxed and peaceful nap - 15 min.
Onopa acupuncture is guided by his qigong diagnosis which acts like a radar. So the point location is precise. Furthermore, Onopa inserts the needles with his energy to make the treatment more effective.

Qigong Tuina

(Tuesday to Friday,
10:00 am to 7:00 pm)
Chinese style massage supercharged with Onopa powerful internal energy - 10min.
The most effective stress reduction program available for tension in your neck, shoulders and back. After 20 minutes, your body experiences inner warmth coupled with a tremendous feeling of rightness. Come in and enjoy the unique experience awaiting you at the Eastern Healing Center.

Tai Chi Qigong Class
(By appointment)
Learn Tai Chi Qigong in 2 weeks ЁC two 30 minute sessions
Tai Chi Qigong includes 12 simple, easy to learn, gentle movements. From the very first class, it will strengthen your internal energy and you will feel the sensation of qi. Tai Chi Qigong is a very relaxed exercise and focuses on strengthening our internal energy (qi).

Tai Chi Class
(By appointment)
Learn Tai Chi Mini Form in 8 weeks eight 50 minute sessions
The practice of Tai Chi increases the metabolism, evens the breath, and strengthens the body"s circulation. It stimulates the cells deep within the body and massages the internal organs and ligaments. It easy and takes only 8 hours to learn the complete form.
If you are interested in our services, please call  +371 9590149 to make an appointment.
Note: Our services are subject to change without notice.

Yang Style Tai Chi Mini Form Class
Tai Chi is the best general, all-purpose exercise for all ages -- from childhood to old age. It is a very gentle and calming exercise. The practice of Tai Chi improves the metabolism, evens the breath, and strengthens the body"s circulation. It stimulates the cells deep within the body and massages the ligaments, joints and internal organs. During the practice of Tai Chi, the joints are bathed in chi resulting in clearing of the blockages in the acupuncture meridians. The resulting benefits provide an increase in the quality of life: better health, better mobility, a longer life span and a happier disposition.
Yang style Tai Chi is best known for improving and maintaining health. We have created a Yang-style Tai Chi Mini-Form which includes 15 postures. Designed with busy schedules in mind, it takes just 4 minutes to complete the entire form. Immediate benefits are achieved within four to five minutes. The form can be repeated if an extended practice is desired.
To provide the best learning experience, class sizes are limited to 4-5 students. Students will experience the sensation of chi in the very first class.

Tai Chi is the best investment for your health!

We Treat Most Health Problems Including Many Incurable Diseases

We treat most health problems including many diseases that have been defined by western medicine as incurable.
Examples of treatable conditions are:



ALS (Lou Gehrig"s disease)





Blurred vision



Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

Chemotherapy sequelae

Chronic fatigue

Chronic pain



Dry face

Dyspnea (Shortness of breath)

Eating disorders

Endocrine (Hormonal) disorders

Eye disorders


Flu & common cold

Frequent urination

Frozen shoulders


Golfer"s elbow

Hay fever

Headaches (frontal, temporal, occipital)

Heart illness (non-structural illness only)

Heart palpitation



Joint problems

Knee problems



Manic Depression

Menopause syndrome


Muscular dystrophy (MD)

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Neck-shoulder syndrome

Nighttime urination

Numbness/coldness of extremities




Prolonged cough

Radiation sequelae

Raynaud"s disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Scleroderma (Hardening of skin)



Sinus infection

Sport injuries

Stroke sequelae

Stuffy nose

Tennis elbow


Varicose Vein

Weight management


Above is a short list of difficult health conditions that we can treat. If you have questions about any conditions not listed here, please email us at

*Diabetic patients must monitor their blood sugar on a daily basis and as needed.
They must work with their physician on their insulin dosage adjustment to avoid side effects from hypoglycemia.
As blood sugar control improves from treatment, patients need to monitor their blood sugar levels closely to avoid complications from hypoglycemia such as fainting or collapse.

To register in employment and consultation you can in e-mail: ikolo@inbox.lv 
tel: +371 29590149, 29264577

International Kolo Organization
135 Dzirnavu, Riga, Latvia

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